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Compressor accessories

Five categories of accessories and as many as 30 products in each category: we can supply you with everything you need for a comprehensive and reliably operating compressor system.


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Air and gas treatment

In addition to our compressors, we offer a wide range of downstream equipment, such as filters for air and gas purification as well as refrigerant and adsorption-type dryers. These solutions are available for pressures ranging from 40 to 400 barg.

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Condensate management

To prevent traces of oil and other contaminants from being released into the environment, we provide a variety of condensate collection pots for use with our oil-lubricated compressors.

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Air and gas storage

Sauer customers can choose from a variety of options for storing compressed media. Our portfolio includes both vertical and horizontal pressure vessels for pressures up to 40 barg as well as high-pressure bottle racks with capacities up to 600 l for pressures up to 350 barg.

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Air and gas distribution

The right pressure is essential to ensure optimal air and gas distribution. Our efficient Reduflex pressure-reducing stations offer maximum reliability and are the ideal addition to any compressor station.

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Water-to-water heat exchanger

When using freshwater-cooled compressors, it may be necessary to protect the cooling circuit from harmful cooling water. Our heat exchanger separates the primary water circuit from the secondary circuit to deliver highest operational reliability, regardless of water conditions.