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Compressors for seismic exploration

Compressors for seismic exploration

Towed behind a vessel, the seismic air guns used to find oil & gas underneath the seabed are mechanical devices with metal flaps that release high-pressure air underwater. The air bubbles expand, generating seismic waves that reach the seabed. The reflections from these waves are recorded by a streamer, which then provides detailed information about the structure of the seabed and possible oil & gas fields. Seismic operators, research industries, shipyards and packagers use Sauer compressors to supply high-pressure air for air guns.

Product line: SAUER
Product ranges: Hurricane, 5000 series, 6000 series
Variants: Basic
Volumetric flow: 120–720 m³/h | 2–12 m³/min | 70–420 scfm
Pressure range: 120–207 barg | 1,700–3,000 psig
Media: Air