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Girodin-Sauer S.A.S.
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Girodin-Sauer, reliable partner of the world's navies

Girodin-Sauer and the Navy are linked by a history of more than 70 years. Girodin compressors have been an integral part of the French Navy since 1948 and since then have impressed with reliability and excellent performance. They are used in a wide range of vessels, including:

  • Submarines, whether conventional or nuclear, such as the Arethuse, Agosta, Scorpene, Redoutable and Triumphant classes
  • The aircraft carriers Clémenceau, Foch and Charles de Gaulle
  • All types of frigates and corvettes (FAA, FASM, FLF, F2000, ...)
  • CIRCE and tripartite minehunters
  • A large number of supply and support ships for naval forces

Girodin-Sauer is also active in the export business and is part of various classes of ships from world leading suppliers. With a wealth of experience, high-performance products specially designed to meet the high demands of the navies and technical know-how that has been serving the navies for more than 70 years, Girodin-Sauer is the stable and reliable partner that navies value.

In 1989 Girodin-Sauer became part of the world's leading manufacturer of high-pressure compressors for the navy: the German family company Sauer Compressors. Since then, Girodin-Sauer has been able to offer a complete range of compressors which meet the highest customer requirements.

Outstanding features

  • Compact design to suit the limited space available
  • Lightweight yet extremely reliable
  • Lowest noise and vibration
  • Shockproof
  • Long maintenance intervals
  • Easy to service

Girodin TGM

With their unique swash-plate design our Girodin range of compressors stands for highest precision and craftsmanship. Exclusively built in France by Girodin-Sauer SAS, they are unrivalled in performance, size and accessibility, making them the first choice for demanding applications in the naval sector.

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Over 60 years of naval compressor expertise went into the development of the Sauer 5000 Series. Like all Sauer compressors, the 5000 Series has an outstandingly compact, shockproof design, generates minimal air- and structure-borne noise, features proven technology with first-class worldwide references.

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As long ago as 1955, Sauer delivered the first high-pressure compressor to the nascent West German Navy. Since then, more than a thousand compressors have been delivered to navies all over the world.

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At the heart of every Sauer breathing air station is a robust compressor block designed to withstand the highest demands occurring in naval applications, e.g. shock, vibration, inclination, high temperatures and continuous operation.

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Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)

High-value defence products and solutions need high-quality support and documentation. We can deliver the backing you need. Our Integrated Logistics Support ensures that your Sauer compressors are backed by a comprehensive solutions’ package to maximise their operational capability.

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The latest names at a glance. We have listed the following references separately as they are the very latest ones.

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Comprehensive support and service

At Sauer we’re in for the long haul, guaranteeing full product support and spare parts for at least 35 years after delivery. So however long your naval vessels are in service, we’ll still be there to provide you with the best possible service. This way, you can be sure of getting the most out of your compressed air and gas systems, keep your running costs low and maximise your compressor reliability. With highly skilled service technicians, representatives and service stations in over 60 countries worldwide we can walk the talk to guarantee efficient and expert service – anywhere, anytime.