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Dockside air compressors

Compressed air is an essential energy source on board of Naval Surface Ships and Submarines. The applications for the use of compressed air are as versatile as they are important. Starting air for engine, weapon handling and cooling or ballast tank blowing on submarines are just a few examples.

In order to reduce operating time of the bespoke on-board air systems, Sauer Compressors also provides solutions for dockside air and nitrogen supplies. Regardless of whether a stationary or mobile solution is most likely to meet the requirements – in any case the dockside compressed air systems can be combined with the latest technology of air treatment in order to secure the same quality standards necessary for the dedicated naval platform.

Suitable Products

Series Volume Flow Pressure Range Medium
Hurricane 25 – 120 m³/h 120 – 350 barg Air, Nitrogen
5000 series 40 – 150 m³/h 120 – 350 barg Air, Nitrogen
6000 series 300 – 720 m³/h 120 – 400 barg Air, Nitrogen
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Customised solutions

Dockside Air Container for Submarine Base, Brazil

2x SAUER Hurricane WP4341
■ SAUER High-pressure air dryer
■ Breathing air filtration panel
■ Integrated control panel

Technical Data
Volume flow: 2 x 55 m³/h
Final pressure: 350 barg