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Environmentally friendly island hopping with the “Blue Angel” and Sauer Compressors

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In the autumn of 2017, the German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification awarded two car and passenger ferries the “Blue Angel” for environmental friendliness and certified their shipping companies for their consistently developed environmental protection concepts. Sauer was keen to congratulate the companies and join in the celebrations. After all, both of the award-winning ships are equipped with Sauer-Compressors. The RoPax ferry “Schleswig-Holstein”, completed in 2011 and operated by the Wyker steamship company (W.D.R.), has earned the “Blue Angel” for environmental friendly ship operation. On the most modern ship in the W.D.R. fleet, which travels between the islands off the Northwest German coast at a service speed of 12 knots, two 3-stage air-cooled PASSAT WP 15 L Marine from Sauer provide reliable – and of course clean – compressed air. The award for the “Frisia III”, built in 2015, was for its environmentally friendly ship design. The largest car and passenger ferry operated by the Norden-Frisia shipping company is on the regular service between the East Frisian island of Norderney and the mainland. An SC 15 screw compressor from Sauer provides tireless service on board.


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The Blue Angel is the ecolabel of the federal government of Germany since 1978. The Blue Angel sets high standards for environmentally friendly product design.

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