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Please note that we have currently updated the technical data in the following brochures/folder:

Commercial Shipping
General Industry
Petro Industry

We have initially made these adjustments only in the English language version.

Over the course of time we will adapt all other language versions.
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Kiel, September 2022

General Industry
Brochure General Industry
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Petro Industry
Brochure Petro Industry
pdf | 4.7 MB en | de | fr | it | es | pt | jp | ru | cn

Commercial Shipping
Brochure Commercial Shipping
pdf | 4.1 MB en | jp | ru | cn

Brochure Naval Marine
pdf | 2.1 MB en
Brochure Defence
pdf | 2.6 MB en

Nitrogen folder
pdf | 1.5 MB en | de
Hydrogen folder
pdf | 1.3 MB en | de
Helium folder
pdf | 688 KB en | de
CNG solutions folder
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