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We are looking for partners in the industrial sector.

If you are interested in becoming a service and sales partner for industrial compressors, please send an e-mail to info@sauercompressors.cn with a short description of the relevant business and expertise. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Commercial Shipping

International commercial shipping, with its high demands for quality and reliability, is the traditional field of activity for Sauer Compressors. Our starting and working air compressors have proven to be among the most modern and economical compressors available in this demanding market. The low-maintenance 3-stage air-cooled starting air compressors have established themselves as the benchmark for modern and cost-effective starting air compressors due to low operating temperatures, low maintenance costs and low installation costs.

Sauer Compressors is not only the world's leading supplier of starting and working air compressors. There are many other applications on board ships for which we provide reliable offshore compressor solutions. These range from compressors for fire protection to special high-pressure gas compressors for gas or dual-fuel ships and applications such as nitrogen purging, leakage gas or boil-off gas.

Starting air compressors (air- and water-cooled) 

Series Design Final pressure
Charging Capacity
Power Consumption
2 stages air-cooled
30 8 - 80 3 - 16
3 stages air-cooled
30 80 - 270 13 - 52
3 stages air-cooled
30 220 - 460 51 - 90
2 stages water-cooled
30 80 - 440 15 - 90

Note: Approximate performance data. The exact data can be found in the technical documents.

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Spotlight on the SAUER Levante series

3-stage, air-cooled excellence

The SAUER Levante series, developed exclusively for commercial shipping, offers the most modern starting air compressors in the world and is the established standard in the maritime industry. The 3-stage, air-cooled compressor series has a charging capacity of up to 460 m³/h at a pressure of 30 bar. Thanks to its robust and compact design, the low-maintenance compressor fits into any engine room without taking up much valuable space. Despite its high performance, the patented Sauer CubeCooler concept enables pure air cooling and achieves recooling temperatures that are one third lower than with conventional cooler configurations. For maximum user-friendliness and convenience, the Levante has an integrated pressure gauge panel and a user-friendly human machine interface.

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Control- and working-air compressors

The Sauer SC screw compressors for commercial shipping reflect decades of experience in this field. They are designed to ensure trouble-free operation anywhere on the seven seas and comply with the regulations of all major classification societies. The programme consists of air- and water-cooled models with outputs from 11 - 99 kW and flow rates from 80 to 780 m³/h. They are available with a fixed speed or optionally with a frequency-controlled drive (VFD).

Service Solutions

To ensure long, safe and reliable operation, regular servicing and the replacement of maintenance and wear parts on the compressor is essential. To make this as easy as possible, Sauer Compressors offers a wide range of flexible service solutions for shipping customers.

  • 24/7 service support
  • World wide service organisations
  • Technical support and troubleshooting
  • Fast delivery of the Genuine Sauer Spare Parts
  • Spare parts availability of up to 35 years
  • Comprehensive maintenance and service schedules
  • Inspection and service contracts
  • Comprehensive training options (World wide Training Centers, Remote trainings)

Genuine Sauer Spare Parts – always state of the art

Reliability and low maintenance are the hallmarks of Sauer compressors. But even in a Sauer compressor, parts will need to be replaced at some point. To ensure that your Sauer compressor continues to work properly and perform at its best, simply order our genuine Sauer spare parts.

The use of Genuine Sauer Spare Parts opens the door to all the advantages of Sauer Service.

  • Guaranteed lifetime for all spare parts
  • Highest quality
  • Maintenance kits available
  • No general overhaul needed
  • All spare parts ex stock
  • Guaranteed availability at least for 35+ years
  • Free technical support from Sauer Service
  • 100% quality control – all parts packed and marked individually
  • Delivered with Sauer Certificate of Conformity and Authenticity
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Sauer Easy Care

Preventive maintenance concept with clear maintenance intervals for highest operational reliability and machine availability.

  • Only three maintenance kits per compressors
  • Highest reliability over the whole lifetime
  • Clear maintenance routines avoid unplanned downtimes
  • No general overhaul needed
  • Competitive and reliable operating costs per running hour

✔ Based on 90 years of experience in the shipping business
✔ Convinced hundreds of chiefs and superintendents

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Sauer Fix Budget

The lifetime warranty for your compressor – based on Sauer Easy Care.

  • All parts to keep your compressors in perfect condition are covered by fixed annual fees per vessel
  • Projectable budgets can be planned for years, without peaks or surprises

✔ More than 75 ship owners/managers around the world are satisfied users of Sauer Fix Budget
✔ More than 1,600 vessels with +5,500 compressors are under contract

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