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HAUG oil-free piston compressors


Maximum process purity and safety

HAUG, the world’s leading brand for oil-free piston compressors, is the first choice for demanding applications requiring maximum process purity and safety. These dry-running machines are entirely oil-free to prevent contamination and provide hermetic gas-tightness. Their modular, customisable design helps to achieve pressures of 1–450 barg. High-tech innovations, such as a non-contact magnetic coupling (up to 110 kW) and the high-pressure piston design NanoLoc®, boost these compressors’ outstanding performance.

Overview of the HAUG product line

Series Suction pressure
Final pressure
Volume Flow
Rated Power
Media Markets
HAUG.Pluto max. 20 max. 60 10 - 50 0.5 - 2.2 Air, Nitrogen, Helium, Oxygen, SF6 IndustryPetro industry
HAUG.Mercure max. 15 max. 100 30 - 70 3.0 - 5.5 Air, Nitrogen, Helium, Natural Gas (CNG), Bio-methane, Oxygen, SF6 IndustryPetro industry
HAUG.Neptune max. 13 max. 100 50 - 100 2.0 - 7.5 Any gas IndustryPetro industry
HAUG.Sirius max. 30 max. 100 400 - 1,000 7.5 - 30 Any gas IndustryPetro industry
HAUG.Sirius NanoLoc max. 30 max. 450 20 - 66 11 - 30 Any gas IndustryPetro industry
HAUG.Cygnus   max. 30 max. 12 0.37 - 2.2 Air IndustryPetro industry
HAUG.Taurus   max. 60 max. 45 4 - 11 Air IndustryPetro industry
HAUG.Orion   max. 60 max. 160 11 - 30 Air IndustryPetro industry