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World's largest container ship comes once more from Evergreen

Container shipping has a new record holder in Evergreen's giant ‘EVER ALOT’. The Megamax-24 ship has been launched in China as the largest box ship in the world and is – of course – equipped with compressors from the renowned SAUER Levante series (4x SAUER Levante WP320L Marine) known as the benchmark in international shipping.

SC Everalot Levante 1200px

Shipping databases list the vessel at 23,888 TEU, but state-owned shipyard group CSSC said the vessel's actual rated capacity has now passed the 24,000 TEU threshold by 4 TEU.

The ship is due to enter service at CSSC's Shanghai Jiangnan-Changxing Shipbuilding in March, with the first of five sister ships, the Ever Atop, to follow in August. Each ship is just under 400 metres long and 61.5 metres wide, which corresponds to 24 rows of boxes. Furthermore the funnels are equipped with a hybrid exhaust gas scrubber.

The current record holders are six 23,992-tonne vessels sailing for Evergreen and built at Samsung Heavy Industries in South Korea.

The Samsung and CSSC ships are Evergreen A-class vessels. While the two ship types are interchangeable in service, they are not technically identical but rather two individual designs with similar looks and comparable capacities.

Together, the 12 vessels will serve Evergreen's flagship service CEM, which connects Central China and Taiwan with Northern Europe, calling at Tanjung Pelepas and Colombo.

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