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Compressors for underwater hammering

Underwater hammering is an essential process used in marine construction and offshore drilling to install and remove large structures like piers, bridges, and oil platforms. This technique involves the use of high-powered hydraulic hammers that transmit impact energy to the seabed, effectively breaking up hard rock formations and compacted sediment.

The hydro-hammer works under atmospheric conditions, and compressed air is needed to evacuate the hammer underwater for proper operation. The high pressure air is guided to the hammer by umbilicals.

Product line: SAUER
Product ranges: Hurricane, 5000 series
Variants: Basic
Volume flow: 120–360 m³/h | 70–210 scfm
Pressure range: 120–350 barg | 1,800–5,000 psig
Medium: Air
SC Application Fact Sheet Underwater Hammering

Customised Solution

Custom Crashframe for Underwater Hammering

SAUER Passat WP311L Basic

■ Rigid crashframe
■ 1,000l air receiver
■ Stainless steel control panel IP56
■ Certified according to DNV 2.7-1

Technical Data

Volume flow: 320 m³/h | 190 scfm
Max. pressure: 30 barg | 435 psig