Sauer Compressors UK Ltd.

Market-leading naval know-how

Sauer is at the forefront in compressor design with innovative solutions to support todays navies. We are proud to be part of the Royal Navy ’s programme by providing compressors from air-cooled for OPVs, to high technology water-cooled modules for latest ship designs within the fleet including; Queen Elizabeth Air Craft Carriers, T45, T26 and Submarine Classes.

Standout features

  • Compact design to suit the limited space available
  • Light in weight yet extremely reliable
  • Noise- and vibration-reducing
  • Shockproof
  • Long maintenance intervals
  • Easy to service

Comprehensive naval portfolio

  • Centralized high-pressure air systems
    on naval vessels
  • Starting air for diesel engines
  • Starting air for gas turbines
  • On-board breathing air solutions
  • Breathing air units for special forces
  • Dockside air for submarine bases

Leading-edge technology

As the market leader in naval applications, Sauer Compressors commits considerable resources to research and development. The outcome is frequent innovations, such as the 5000 range featuring 100% balanced free inertial forces, and the technical leadership required to deliver leading-edge solutions for future naval applications.


References of repute

Our list of references is a bit like Jane’s Fighting Ships – we equip everything from huge aircraft carriers to small miscellaneous vessels with fit-for-purpose compressors of the highest quality and reliability. Click here to see our list of references.

Sauer WP5000 –
the naval compressor

Over 60 years of naval compressor expertise went into the development of the Sauer 5000 Series. Like all Sauer compressors, the 5000 Series has an outstandingly compact, shockproof design, generates minimal air- and structure-borne noise, features proven technology with first-class worldwide references.

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As long ago as 1955, Sauer delivered the first high-pressure compressor to the nascent West German Navy. Since then, more than a thousand compressors have been delivered to navies all over the world.

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At the heart of every Sauer breathing air station is a robust compressor block designed to withstand the highest demands occurring in naval applications, e.g. shock, vibration, inclination, high temperatures and continuous operation.

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Intergated Logistics Support (ILS)

High-value defence products and solutions need high-quality support and documentation. We can deliver the backing you need. Our Integrated Logistics Support ensures that your Sauer compressors are backed by a comprehensive solutions’ package to maximise their operational capability.

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The latest names at a glance. We have listed the following references separately as they are the very latest ones.

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Working hard for those who defend – for 35+ years

Comprehensive support and service

At Sauer UK we are long-term partners and guarantee comprehensive product support and spare parts for at least 35 years after delivery. We are there for you even during long periods of ship operation to offer you the best possible aftercare. This way you can be sure of getting the most out of your compressed air and gas systems, keeping operating costs low and maximising the reliability of your compressor. With highly qualified service technicians, representatives and service stations in over 60 countries worldwide, we are close even when far away - anywhere, anytime.