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Benefits that make Passat a best seller

3-stage air-cooled starting-air compressors

Unmatched reliability, operational efficiency, easy maintenance: these benefits have made Sauer’s Passat 3-stage air-cooled compressors best sellers for years. By combining 3-stage compression with air cooling, the Passat compressors enable low compression temperatures – and those three benefits.


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  1. Long maintenance intervals thanks to high-performance valves

  2. Minimal vibration through W-shaped 3-cylinder compression

  3. Rotating parts protected as fan wheel is directly installed on crankshaft

  4. Integrated condensate filter after second stage

  5. Reliable pressure oil lubrication through direct-drive gearwheel pump offering external access

  6. Attached final separator with automatic drainage and flexible mounting included as standard

  7. Safe operation and low maintenance thanks to integrated flexible coupling

  8. Safety valve, thermometer and pressure gauge monitoring for all stages: lubrication oil pressure and compressed air outlet temperatures monitored as standard

PASSAT series | Technical data for a final pressure of 30 barg

Performance data with 5 % tolerance, referred to 20 °C and an air pressure of 1,013 mbar. Charging Capacity according to ship building regulations. Performance data on final pressure deviating from 30 barg upon request. Weights and dimensions for standard units with three-phase A. C. motor, IP 54, and flexible mounting.