Sauer Compressors Group

GIRODIN naval compressors

Highest precision and craftsmanship

With their unique swash-plate design our GIRODIN range of compressors stands for highest precision and craftsmanship. Exclusively built in France by Girodin-Sauer SAS, they are unrivalled in performance, size and accessibility, making them the first choice for demanding applications in the naval sector. These highly sophisticated compressors have been successfully deployed in French-designed submarines for decades. They have an extremely low level of structure-borne noise and a unique compact design, which allows the complete compressor to be carried onto or off the vessel via a pathway only 68 cm wide.

How you benefit:

  • Up to 250 barg final pressure
  • Ultra-compact due to axial swash-plate design
  • Low level of structure-borne noise
  • Easiest maintenance from just one side
  • Suitable for direct seawater cooling