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Sauer oldie provides action and enjoyment

Spare parts for 1962 products are still available. That’s typical of Sauer!

foto blog manometer 21 2018 sauer compressors Sauer Oldie Compressor v2

Sauer Compressors can have an extremely varied life. Like this WP 3231 produced in 1962. Even after so many years of service, there’s still no sign of its career coming to an end. As a robust 3-stage air-cooled model, it has had a rather unusual job for the past four years.

During this time, the small high pressure compressor has been used in the Megapark Leipzig paintball system. Compressors are essential to for a paint battle to take place, as they fill the weapons – known as markers – with the compressed air that fires the paint balls.

What does director Pierre Rötsch particularly like about the Sauer oldie? The things that all compressors from Kiel-Friedrichsort are notable for – reliability, long running times and minimal maintenance. And of course the fact that spare parts are still readily available after more than 50 years.



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