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Sauer BREEZE: New series of industrial compressors up to 40 barg

Since April 2018, the Sauer Compressors range has included the new BREEZE series, initially with two products – the WP323LM and WP221LM Basic.

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The 3-stage air-cooled compressors produce a flow rate of up to 420 m³/h at a final pressure of 40 barg and an installed power of up to 90 kW. The models are the first two of four medium pressure models in a newly developed compressor series for industrial applications. The BREEZE series is based on a flexible modular system made up of several crankcases with three to five cylinders, and will lay the foundation for further new developments in the coming years. Thanks to its nine cylinder/piston combinations, the series covers a wide power range and meets a huge range of customer requirements.


Innovative series with options

The air-cooled BREEZE compressors offer a number of innovations. They include the first use of the CubeCooler concept. Block coolers arranged radially around the fan enable the recooling temperatures to be reduced by a third. The industrial compressors are generally very low noise, robust and compact. Alongside the BREEZE series for medium pressure compressors up to 40 barg and high pressure compressors with final pressures up to 500 barg, the Generation 45XX modular system is set to include more series with final pressures up to 500 barg. Look out for more details in future Manometer issues.

Manometer #21

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