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Sauer Compressors USA

As one of the global market and technology leaders in the development and production of high-pressure compressors, systems and accessories for navies, air forces and armies, Girodin-Sauer delivers top-of-the-line compressor systems for military applications.

In the naval sector the Sauer Compressors Group and Girodin-Sauer have established themselves as the leading providers for high-pressure compressor systems. Girodin-Sauer, initially a supplier to the French Navy, has subsequently been able to export its compressors to navies all over the world. Nowadays, 55+ navies worldwide rely on Sauer compressors.

Girodin-Sauer also offers compressor solutions for land-based operations in a variety of defence contexts, e.g. at naval ports and air force bases and for ground troops. These highly flexible Sauer compressors are available in a range of design options to meet your specific requirements – whether you want a particular colour scheme or require certification to military standards.


At Sauer we know well how the demands on naval compressors are very different from industrial applications. After all, we look back on more than 60 years of experience and expertise in developing and manufacturing specially designed compressors for navies the world over.

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Air force

A nation’s security is not a business; it's an insurance case – an investment in defence to guard against all eventualities. Your air force personnel deserve the best equipment going as they do their duty for their country.

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Your army is an investment in the defence of your country – to guard against all eventualities and conduct a range of tasks only soldiers can perform well. That’s why your ground troops deserve the best equipment there is. For their varying compressor requirements there’s no better address than Sauer.

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