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October 2018

Our new brochures have arrived!

Compressors by Sauer are mainly used in four areas of application: Naval Marine, Commercial Shipping, Industry and Petro Industry. For each segment we now offer revised brochures showing updated technical data in a modern layout. All brochures are available for download in English. Additional...

June 2018

Strategic Partnership with Penske Power Systems in Australia

On April 26th, 2018 Penske Power Systems, J. P. Sauer & Sohn and Girodin Sauer signed a contract of strategic partnership in Sydney in order to join their forces for the benefits of the RAN (Royal Australian Navy) and the Commonwealth.

The photo was taken in front of the premises and shows...

March 2018

Environmentally friendly island hopping with Sauer-Compressors on board

Two car and passenger ferries equipped with Sauer compressors have won awards for their consistently enhanced environmental protection concepts.The RoPax ferry “Schleswig-Holstein”, delivered in 2011 and operated by the Wyker steamship company (W.D.R.) has won the “Blue Angel” for environmentally...

December 2017

Launching the next generation of air-cooled compressors: Sauer BREEZE

Sauer Compressors presents its brand new modular air-cooled industrial compressor. It means that Sauer now supplies four medium pressure models in a newly developed compressor series for industrial applications. The BREEZE series is based on a flexible modular system consisting of multiple...

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