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March 2017

Sauer equips Kiel Canal max feeder vessels

"Delphis Finland" crossed the Kiel Canal with its first load at the end of January as the second max feeder vessel from Belgian shipping company Delphis NV. Like its predecessor, "Delphis Bothnia", the ship is equipped with 3-stage air-cooled Sauer-Compressors of the PASSAT WP151L type.

The 1,924-TEU ship, which measures 177 m in length and 30 m in breadth, is a Kiel Canal max vessel: "Delphis Finland" is the maximum vessel size that the canal can handle. However, until the canal is made deeper, the ship can only navigate the canal at 80% of its capacity.

The Kiel Canal has set clear limits since 1895. Its bridges have a maximum air draft of just 40 m and ships with a draft of 9.5 m can only navigate the canal if their length and breadth do not exceed 160 m and 32.5 m respectively. This is why most container feeders have so far been designed to 160 m with a load capacity of 1,400 TEU.

The two max feeders will be used in future on the core shipping routes of the Team Lines feeder network in the Baltic Sea, together with the sister ships "Delphis Gdansk" and "Delphis Riga" that are still to come.

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