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December 2017

Launching the next generation of air-cooled compressors: Sauer BREEZE

Sauer Compressors presents its brand new modular air-cooled industrial compressor.

It means that Sauer now supplies four medium pressure models in a newly developed compressor series for industrial applications. The BREEZE series is based on a flexible modular system consisting of multiple crankcases with three to five cylinders. Thanks to its nine cylinder/piston combinations, the series covers a wide output range and meets numerous customer requirements.

Alongside other innovations such as the first use of the CubeCooler concept, the block coolers arranged radially around the fan enable the recooling temperatures to be reduced by a third. In addition, a protective cover comes as standard and has an integrated gauge panel, ensuring outstanding usability with the highest safety standards. The industrial compressors from the BREEZE series are generally very low noise, robust and compact.

As well as the BREEZE series of medium pressure compressors up to 40 bar (g) and high pressure compressors with final pressures up to 500 bar (g), the modular system means that booster versions with inlet pressures up to 16 bar (g) and special gas-tight designs for gases including helium, natural gas and hydrogen are also available.

The different models will all be available from the beginning of 2018.

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