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New focus segment: Petro industry

As our customers’ needs change and grow, we are continuously developing the Sauer Compressors product range to ensure that we can always offer optimum solutions and premium quality. With HAUG Sauer Kompressoren, we have hugely extended our expertise in oil-free and gas-tight compressors, putting us in the best possible position to address the varied challenges in our markets in the diverse world of the process industry.

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This advance in know-how and performance is now being reflected in a restructuring of our activities. As well as extending the “General Industry” segment to include particularly sensitive areas such as industrial gases, medical technology, biotechnology, chemical technology, pharmaceuticals and the food industry, our previous “Offshore” market is now much more diversified under its new name “Petro Industry”.

Both offshore and onshore, Sauer compressors have long been impressive in the oil and gas sector, thanks to their robust construction, and are a byword for maximum reliability under even the toughest conditions, from extreme cold to intense heat. Our products comply with all the relevant standards, e.g. NORSOK, ABS and DNV.GL, and are perfectly suited for the loads occurring in 24/7 operation. In addition to our high quality compressors, we offer customised solutions specially tailored to requirements in the oil and gas industry – with the added expertise of HAUG Sauer Compressors, this now extends to oil-free dry running and gas-tight compressors, including the legally required collection of leaked gas.

To fully reflect the specific conditions in the oil and gas industry, our restructured division follows the oil or gas all the way from exploration to processing through to the end use and is split into Upstream, Midstream and Downstream areas. Sauer supplies reliable and exceptional performance for every requirement.

“Dependable up to 500 bar – anywhere, anytime, anygas.” It goes without saying that this promise also applies to the petro industry. What it means to us is offering our customers from the oil and gas and process industry top quality standard products, customised solutions and tailored services. From 0.75 to 230 kW, oil-lubricated or oil-free – the breadth of our capabilities, and the power and pressure range combinations we can offer, are unmatched globally, giving us the perfect platform to meet the diverse challenges of the oil and gas sector.


Particularly in the field of seismic exploration, Sauer is one of the leading experts and, with its Hurricane, 5000 and 6000 series, offers three high performing series for the high pressure air supply to the air gun. When it comes to compressors for motion compensation, in underwater hammering and for nitrogen boosting, our customers can depend on Sauer’s huge breadth of technical expertise. When it comes to transportation and storage of oil and gas products, Sauer compressors are primarily used in the construction and operation of pipelines, and for sealing gas in gas-carrying turbo compressors. Since acquiring the additional know-how of HAUG Compressors, we also cover the area of boil-off gases. Sauer’s proven compressor series provide the optimum solution for a huge range of requirements. In addition to tried and tested high pressure compressors for nitrogen boosting up to 500 barg in refining and processing of oil and gas, Sauer is increasingly addressing the growing significance of compressed natural gas (CNG) as a vehicle fuel. With our high pressure CNG boosters, which are ideally suited for CNG filling stations, we can supply both individual units for OEMS and complete systems.

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Petro Industry

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