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Neon compressor for Korean gas supplier

foto blog manometer 20 2017 sauer compressors neon compressor korea gas

The noble gas neon is very rare, extremely difficult to obtain and is therefore exceedingly valuable. Nevertheless, almost everyone is familiar with it, mainly because we use it to fill fluorescent lamps, also known as neon lamps. Other applications of neon are less well-known, for example in liquid form as a refrigerant. Used in this way, it achieves a 40 times higher cooling capacity than liquid helium.

If you need to fill pressure receivers with expensive neon, Sauer neon compressors can reliably perform the job for you. It was for exactly this kind of application that Sauer and its Korean partner recently won the contract for two high-pressure Tornado WP 3215 BasBoosterB compressors.

Manometer #20

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