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Indestructible Part II: 48 year old helium compressor in India

 foto blog manometer 20 2017 sauer compressors Elgi vorher v2  foto blog manometer 20 2017 sauer compressors Elgi nachher v2

Generally speaking, 48 is a venerable age for a compressor. But not for a Sauer-Compressor – it is a long way from being classed as a veteran. But what if a Sauer compressor from 1968 had a 35 year break in its operation?

Even in that situation almost anything is possible, as the example of a Sauer type WP 3232 helium compressor at the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai demonstrates. It was 35 years ago when the ELGI-Sauer customer decommissioned the compressor, but now they want to operate it again. However, the operator had grave concerns about whether recommissioning would actually be possible and whether the costs involved might be too high.

All their doubts could quickly be laid to rest. All that it needed was a standard 4000 hour service and replacement of a few attachments. After its service, the little compressor passed the subsequent test bench run and commissioning with flying colours.


Manometer #20

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