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Heliox with Sauer ComBox: Square, ­practical, excellent

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Breathing air compressors – many people will think of their last beach holiday and the little compressor at the hotel diving club, which is used to fill the 6-litre diving tanks with normal ambient air at 300 bar.

But while small units tend to be used by amateur divers, Sauer technology is also in demand for professional diving. For deep-sea diving, normal breathing air cannot be used, as otherwise the narcotic effect of what is sometimes known as “rapture of the deep” can occur. The excessive nitrogen partial pressure triggers disturbances in the central nervous system, which leads to cognitive limitations and a potentially life-threatening sense of euphoria. For depths greater than around 40 metres, heliox – a mixture of oxygen and helium – is therefore used as the breathing gas. The percentages of the two gases are mixed according to the dive depth. Typical users of heliox include deep-sea divers in the offshore industry, e.g. for carrying out maintenance on drilling platforms.

Sauer Compressors has supplied a complete box including a heliox booster for this kind of application. The customer based in the United Arab Emirates needed a compact, mobile solution. As requested, Sauer planned a solution that the customer can quickly lift onto the deck of their support vessel and house conveniently in a warehouse when not in use. The system is protected against sea water and is easily accessible through the large maintenance hatches.

The WP 4341 BasSealHe-B Sauer-Compressor inside takes in the mixed heliox and compresses it to 200 bar. It is then filtered and purified with a cartridge dryer to maintain the breathing gas quality complying with DIN ISO 12021.

All components are integrated in the compact Sauer ComBox, which has been inspected and approved by the classification body ABS in Kiel.


foto blog manometer 20 2017 sauer compressors heliox box hurricane

Technical data:


Type: WP 4341

Design: BasSealHe-B

Pressure: 200 bar.g

Flow rate: 56 m³/hr

Gas quality: DIN ISO 12021

Manometer #20

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