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Delivery of largest Sauer system for ITER imminent

In the last issue of the magazine, we reported on the ITER fusion plant in Southern France and the contribution that Sauer Compressors is making to this ambitious construction project, which is intended to help solve future energy problems.

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For the project, which involves more than 30 nations, Sauer is building the helium recovery system. Its task is crucially important as it recompresses large quantities of helium, which is used for cooling superconductive magnets. The magnetic fields generated by these magnets enable fusion to be risked in the reactor environment by allowing the fusion plasma, which is too hot for contact with any material, to float in the reactor.

For this application, a total of five helium compressors on an 8 x 8 metre base frame make up the largest connected system that Sauer has ever constructed. Now almost completed after six months of construction, the system fills the entire assembly hall at Girodin-Sauer. It will be delivered to the customer on schedule in the first half of 2017.



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