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The reliable and efficient alternative

Typhoon 2-stage water-cooled starting-air compressors up to 440 m³/h

For applications where air-cooled compressors are unsuitable our Typhoon 2-stage water-cooled starting-air compressors offer an extremely reliable and efficient alternative. With decades of experience in this field we have the know-how to regularly advance the technology behind these dependable machines.


foto commercial shipping baureihe typhoon sauer compressors
  1. Suitable for both fresh and salt water; optionally available with attached cooling water pump
  2. Replaceable, easy-to-inspect CuNiFe cooling inserts

  3. Robust design, with crankshaft supported by roller bearings on each side

  4. Safe, low-maintenance operation thanks to integrated flexible coupling

  5. Attached final separator with automatic drainage and flexible mounting included as standard

  6. Minimal vibration and easy maintenance thanks to modern V- or W-shaped cylinder arrangement

  7. Traditional thermometer and pressure gauge monitoring for all stages; monitoring of compressed air outlet temperature and cooling as standard

Technical Data

TYPHOON series | Technical data for a final pressure of 30 barg

Performance data with 5% tolerance, referred to 20 °C and an air pressure of 1,013 mbar. Charging Capacity according to shipbuilding regulations. Performance data on final pressure deviating from 30 barg upon request. Weights and dimensions for standard units with three-phase A. C. motor, IP 54, and flexible mounting. Cooling water requirement referred to a t = 10 K