Sauer Compressors Group

Levante – the bigger and better benchmark

3-stage air-cooled starting-air compressors

Exclusively developed for commercial shipping, our Levante 3-stage air-cooled compressors have quickly become the must-have solution for the maritime industry. A robust, compact design allows these low-maintenance compressors to fit easily into any engine room. A newly developed CubeCooler installed between motor and compressor has optimized the airflow, reduced the re-cooling temperatures by a third and thus boosted inter-cooling efficiency. Last but not least, the user-friendly human machine interface with an integrated gauge panel has made Levante compressors even easier to operate.


  • Extended capacity range: 360–460 m³/h
  • Enhanced safety
  • Improved cost-benefit ratio through simpler engine room outfitting



  • Highly efficient cooling arrangement
  • Minimal vibrations thanks to superior mass balance
  • State-of-the-art human machine interface


Basic benefits

  • Robust design of running gear and technical layout
  • Fits into any engine room with minimal interfaces
  • Easy to access, inspect and maintain


foto commercial shipping baureihe levante sauer compressors
  1. Enhanced inter-cooling efficiency: CubeCooler reduces re-cooling temperatures by a third

  2. Easy access for regular inspection and maintenance

  3. Optimized cooling airflow thanks to coolers installed between motor and compressor

  4. State-of-the-art human machine interface with integrated gauge panel

LEVANTE series | Technical data for a final pressure of 30 barg

Performance data with 5 % tolerance, referred to 20 °C and an air pressure of 1,013 mbar. Charging Capacity according to ship building regulations. Performance data on final pressure deviating from 30 barg upon request. Weights and dimensions for standard units with three-phase A. C. motor, IP 54, and flexible mounting.