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24159 Kiel / Germany

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Compressor solutions
for all your ­applications.

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Information in times of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic


In response to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, Sauer Compressors has organized itself worldwide and taken appropriate measures to deal with this special situation. Production and business operations are continuing and there are currently no restrictions in terms of productivity and availability.

Protecting the health of our employees, customers and partners while maintaining our production and the continuity of our services remains our priority.


Dependable up to 500 bar –
anywhere, anytime, anygas.

Simply dependable – Reliability and quality have been our guiding principles for over 130 years. Our customers know they can trust us to deliver. These principles guide us in the development and manufacturing of state-of-the-art high-pressure compressors, in our comprehensive service offering, and in staying customer-centric.

As one of the leading vendors in the ­industry, offshore, commercial shipping and the defence sector, you will find us all over the world – and ready to serve you with reliable, high-quality products and ­services.

Four product lines

foto teaser brand haug sauer compressors

HAUG oil-free and gas-tight compressors

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foto teaser brand girodin sauer compressors small small

GIRODIN high-pressure naval compressors

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foto teaser brand ek sauer compressors small small

Compact high-pressure naval compressors

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NEWS | 2022

Container shipping has a new record holder in Evergreen's giant ‘EVER ALOT’. The Megamax-24 ship has been launched in China as the largest box ship in the world and is – of course – equipped with compressors from the renowned SAUER Levante series (4x SAUER Levante WP320L Marine) known as the benchmark in international shipping.

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