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Sauer SynLub H1-I – synthetic ­compressor oil for the food ­processing ­industry

It is well known that very strict regulations are in force in the food industry. However, it is less well known that these regulations also apply to lubricants. If contact with the processed product is possible, lubricants must be safe for use with food by law. As a result, lubricants must be safe for consumers while still providing all of the necessary product properties. The thorny issue is that many of the lubricating oils available on the market with the required registration from the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) are unsuitable for use in piston compressors. Sauer has responded to this challenge in typical style. In cooperation with a well-known lubricant specialist, we looked for a synthetic lubricating oil specially for use in piston compressors. The numerous endurance tests and trials on the Sauer test stand paid off. A lubricant was ultimately approved that achieves exceptional results in terms of performance and wear compared to standard oils. Sauer SynLub H1 (viscosity 100 mm2/s @ 40°c) features:

  • Registration under NSF Class H1 (for occasional, technically unavoidable contact with foodstuffs)
  • Excellent temperature resistance
  • Long service life
  • Exceptional anti-wear behavior


Do you need a lubricating oil safe for use with food? Sauer SynLub H1-I is available in 10 l canisters for immediate delivery. Contact us at service@sauercompressors.de

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