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Romain Bernard is currently in his first year of an “assistant technique d’ingénieur” course at Girodin, Paris, France

What made you choose a combined study programme at Sauer Compressors?

I really enjoy working at Girodin because it’s a small company and you can get directly involved in projects. I don’t just deal with parts of a project – I’m involved from start to finish. This wouldn’t be possible in big companies.


What does your work involve?

Every two weeks, I attend school for a fortnight. At school, I learn about the likes of engineering, electronics and mechanics – the things which are important for my future career. I spend the time in between at the company, where I can put the things I’ve learned into practice.


What did you expect from the study course? Have your expectations been met?

I hoped to do a course which would interest me and wouldn’t bore me after only a short time. I also wanted to get involved in exciting projects. All my expectations have been met because the projects are great and I find the job really enjoyable and interesting.


What do you like most about the combined study programme?

The job which I did before I started the course was boring and monotonous. What I like most about the combined study programme is that I look forward to going to work every morning because I know that I’ll be working on some great projects.


In your opinion, what skills does a person who is looking to do this study course need?

You should be very interested in Girodin as a company as well as compressors and machinery in general. You also need to be hardworking and enjoy working with technical components.

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