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Bachelor of Engineering – Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical engineering course provides fundamental scientific and technical knowledge with an emphasis on the methods involved. Typical subjects include mathematics, technical mechanics, materials science and testing, constructional design, electricity and many more.


Bachelor of Arts (BA) – Business Management

Business management looks at economic development as well as analysing, organising and managing a company. It is subdivided into the areas of marketing, banking, human resources, production and logistics. A business management graduate’s duties include collecting details of work processes and sales data as well as using mathematical methods to collect key company figures.

Have you achieved good or very good results in your university entrance examinations? Are you able to work well under pressure? Are you prepared to work hard and show a great deal of initiative and dedication? If so, we would be glad to offer you the chance to take a dual study course at Sauer Compressors.


Course duration: 3 years
Qualifications required: University entrance qualification
Starting date: 01.10.