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Sauer LEVANTE series passes field test

The development process for new products at Sauer Compressors includes extensive internal tests and trials. As well as testing everything on our own test stand, we also run real world field tests.

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For a field test, we install newly developed compressors on ships owned by partner shipping companies, allowing us to test and assess the machines under actual operating conditions. Feedback from test customers allows Sauer to add the experience gained from the practical application to the results from testing on the test stand while development is still ongoing. All the findings then go into creating the end product that is ultimately launched.

The process for the newly developed Levante series compressors was as rigorous as ever at Sauer. At the Sauer production facilities in both Kiel and Žandov in the Czech Republic, the Levante test compressors were tested for more than 11,000 hours on specially constructed test stands. Another 8.000 operating hours came around on 6 ships from partner shipping companies, who had Levante compressors on board for the field test. In total, this means that when developing the new 3-stage air-cooled compressors, Sauer had access to data and experience from almost 20,000 hours of operation.

What did our testers discover in the Levante field test? The basic tone was: “No problems. Everything went as smoothly as ever.” The change of compressor on board was not actually noticeable. For Sauer, this kind of result is the greatest praise a new development can have.


The testers concluded that the Levante compressors offer:

  • good running behaviour
  • negligible wear (e.g. to pistons and cylinders)
  • exceptionally clean oil thanks to the new oil filter


We used some of the customer feedback to create and optimise defined maintenance activities. The oil inlet and outlet fittings were improved and the human machine interface was adapted to better suit the conditions on board ship.

We would like to thank our test partners and we are delighted to conclude that our LEVANTE has successfully passed its field test.

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