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The relevance of original spare parts for Sauer compressors

Learn more here about the benefits of original Sauer spare parts and the risks associated with alternatively procured parts.

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With long-term disrupted supply chains around the world and persistently high inflation, it is not only consumers who have a tendency to look for low-cost alternatives when it comes to recurring expenses. Fundamentally, the quest for cost optimization is deeply embedded in business DNA.

Even when it comes to the maintenance of capital equipment and the necessary spare parts, many compressor operators are turning to alternatives instead of using the spare parts produced or certified by the manufacturer.

But what are the risks of not using original spare parts when it comes to ensuring safe and reliable compressor operation?

Various factors play a role:

  1. Intransparent production circumstances of unlicensed spare parts for compressors are common. The extent to which tolerances are adhered to and important details of the original piece are reproduced is unknown.

    For example, a reproduced compressor valve had unmachined, sharp edges where turbulence formed in the gas being compressed, significantly reducing compressor performance while increasing wear.

    At Sauer Compressors, highly qualified engineers and technicians work on compressor components and deliver top quality. In addition, the research and development team is constantly developing better and more durable parts that have defined characteristics and work perfectly with the other parts of the compressors.

  2. It is fairly common for alternatively sourced parts to be incompatible with the compressor and its operation. While external appearances may show a certain similarity, important product properties such as stiffness or elasticity, esistance to mechanical stress or aggressive environmental influences may differ greatly from the original part and thus lead to performance degradation or even failures up to irreversible machine damage after only a few hours of operation.

    It is not difficult to imagine the effects of using a piston seal ring at several thousand revolutions per minute if it is only slightly out of tolerance or too small.

    Original spare parts from Sauer Compressors have been intensively tested and, thanks to their high material and manufacturing quality, can meet the demands that are present when operating a high-pressure compressor.

  3. It may occur that unsuitable raw and process materials and machinery are used for the processing of the alternative spare parts. An incorrect steel alloy or plastic mixture in such a compressor spare part not infrequently leads to failures and thus to a disruption of the operating process.

    The material and manufacturing quality of original Sauer spare parts is tested, ensured and documented throughout the entire manufacturing process, thus achieving maximum service life of the components.

  4. Insufficient packaging and documentation are typical for alternative spare parts.

    Spare parts for compressors from Sauer Compressors come in robust packaging, well documented and with a certificate of authenticity, so that the contents arrive at their destination in perfect condition even after long journeys, e.g. by air freight.

  5. No warranties are given for alternatively procured spare parts. In addition, installation must be carried out by the machine operator himself in the absence of a service offer.

    Genuine Sauer Spare Parts for compressors come to the market with a guaranteed service life and are installed by highly qualified personnel. 

The advantages of opting for original Sauer spare parts are obvious:

  • They minimize wear and tear and downtimes and thus the risk of sustained disruption to the operating process.
  • The performance of the compressor matches the expected values.
  • Maximization of maintenance intervals is ensured.
  • The risk of damage or total loss of the asset due to spare parts is kept within manageable limits.

All in all, these are essential factors to ensure the reliability and thus the highest possible availability of the machine. 

Do you have any questions about Genuine Sauer Spare Parts or our solutions for the maintenance of your compressor? Get in touch now via our contact page.

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