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10 years together: Sauer and Induma Máquinas Industriais LDA

Sauer and Induma Máquinas Industriais LDA celebrate 10-years anniversary of successful partnership.

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The 10-year anniversary of the partnership with Induma Máquinas Industriais LDA was a priority for Sauer Director Harald Schulz. He travelled to Portugal to say a personal “muito obrigado!” for the many years of trust and cooperation. Expressing his desire for the successful relationship to continue for a long time to come, he presented Induma Director, Mr Joao Abrantes, with a pewter plate depicting the city of Kiel. The photo of the ceremonial occasion shows the two directors, accompanied by Ms Isabel Xarim, head of spare parts sales for Sauer Compressors, and Induma secretary Ms Helena Tomé.


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