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Natural gas Compressors

At the heart of every CNG system stands the high-pressure compressor. Sauer CNG ­compressors and boosters are specially designed for natural gas applications and represent the most efficient and safe solution for all kinds of CNG systems.


  • Built and designed for continuous operation under heavy duty conditions
  • Proven in the most demanding conditions in industry and offshore applications worldwide
  • Available as part of CNG systems or as single units for OEM companies and packagers

For compact refuelling stations and small fleets

Type Gas Inlet Pressure
Gas Outlet Pressure
Flow Rate
Rated Power
WP4325 BasSealCNG 0.05 300 up to 24 11 – 13

For all kinds of refuelling stations and medium to large fleets

Type Gas Inlet Pressure
Gas Outlet Pressure
Flow Rate
Rated Power
WP4331 BasSealCNG 0.05 – 0.2 300 up to 38 15 – 18
WP4341 BasSealCNG 0.05 – 0.2 300 up to 80 22 – 26
WP4351 BasSealCNG 0.05 – 0.2 300 up to 140 45 – 52

For big refuelling stations and large fleets

Type Gas Inlet Pressure
Gas Outlet Pressure
Flow Rate
Rated Power
6000 series BasSealCNG up to 20 300 350 – 1,100 up to 200

Modular CNG systems

Refuelling capacity from 10 vehicles per day

From medium to large fleets, Sauer Compressors developed a modular CNG system that can be adapted to the needs of medium-sized businesses with an own fleet up to the demands of large-sized fuelling station operators. The modules can be equipped exactly to the needs of the customer, but still remain flexible in size and location. ­Additional modules are easily added and adapted to changing needs.

foto pic gases technical gases natural gas sauer compressors sauer picture 2

All modules include:

  • Specification to PED(2014/68/EU) and ATEX compliant
  • Gas detector, lighting

Module M1: Control System

  • Control cabinet

Module M2: Gas Inlet System

  • Gas inlet system
  • Gas dryer, gas filter
  • Blowdown vessel

Module M3: CNG compressor

  • Single or multiple compressor modules
  • High pressure compressor with 24 up to 1,250 m³/h capacity
  • Pressure transmitters and instrumentation

Module M4: CNG storage

  • High-pressure gas storage cylinders and priority bank from 1,500l

Your benefits:

✓ Designed and manufactured separately
✓ Inspected and tested separately
✓ Reusable and exchangeble
✓ Shorter planning & construction time
✓ Dismantling and maintenance friendly design
✓ Fast adaption to the actual needs
✓ Reduced spare parts inventory
✓ Time savings and cost reduction

Customised solutions

Tailormade solutions, engineered to customer requirements:

  • Mother-Daughter refuelling systems
  • Refuelling systems for slow and fast filling processes
  • Stationary as well as transportable complete CNG refuelling systems