Sauer Compressors Group

Shockproof by design

At the heart of every Sauer breathing air station is a robust compressor block designed to withstand the highest demands occurring in naval applications, e.g. shock, vibration, inclination, high temperatures and continuous operation. Our naval breathing air compressors – both the Tornado and Hurricane series – can be delivered to comply with various shock and vibration standards ranging from simple LRoS rules to the ultimate naval standards, such as US Mil Std 901 or German BV0432 and 044.


All-in installation package

Sauer breathing air compressors for naval applications meet every installation requirement:

  • Fully automatic electronic control system
  • Noise insulation as low as 72 dB (A)
  • Integrated filter, with filtration delivered to any international standard (e.g. DIN EN 12021, BS 4275, BS 4001, US CGA Grade D+E or Navy Standard FS Grade A+B)
  • Demister
  • Condensate collecting tank

Tornado WP4325 ComSilent

Proven Sauer quality – ready for use in a complete silent module


foto detail navy tornado wp4325 comsilent sauer compressors

Hurricane WP4341 ShockProof

Compact breathing air unit that meets the requirements of even the most demanding naval specifications


foto detail navy hurricane wp4341 sauer compressors 

For all the technical data of the Tornado and Hurricane models please click here: