Sauer Compressors Group

Whether you need control air or working air, we can supply you with exactly the screw-type or piston-type compressor to suit your specific shipping needs. For requirements under 100 m³/h we recommend piston-type compressors; for requirements over 300 m³/h screw-type compressors. For the 100–300 m³/h range we also recommend screw-type compressors, providing the annual operation time exceeds 4,000 hours. 

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foto detail commercial shipping screw type sauer compressors

Sauer SC screw compressors

Our screw compressors reflect our in-depth understanding of commercial shipping’s requirements and decades of experience in this field, they offer you much more than normal industry compressors. Sauer screw compressors are designed to ensure trouble-free operation anywhere on the Seven Seas.

foto detail commercial shipping piston type sauer compressors

Piston-type compressors

In line with your specific needs we can also supply reciprocating piston-type compressors based on our renowned range of starting-air compressors. These piston-type compressors are more suitable for shorter operation intervals as they are start-stop controlled, which reduces their energy consumption. Our piston compressors offer the important benefits of standardised parts and a similar design to our air-cooled starting-air compressors. This offers you another important advantage.